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Feminine Bridal Hair Combs

Wedding hair combs are one of the most popular forms of bridal accessories. Available in various sizes and designs, combs can be placed in multiple positions but are traditionally secured at the crown of the head to accentuate updos or half-up-half-down styles. Meanwhile, if wearing tresses down, a bridal hair comb can be secured on the side of the head, just above the ear, for a timeless glam kind of vibe.

Our range of bridal hair combs and pin sets

Prepare to fall head over heels for our collection of dreamy bridal hair combs. We have silver, gold and rose gold wedding hair combs in structured and trailing designs to suit your unique bridal vision. For sparkle-seekers, nothing beats a high-shine full crystal stone design, while a pearl hair comb is perfect for those in search of modern elegance. Choose from standalone statement pieces or opt for a wedding hair comb set of two, three or even four pretty pieces. We also have coordinating wedding hair comb and pin sets perfect for brides and bridesmaids.

Our top tips when choosing a hair comb for your wedding day

Your wedding accessories should complement both your personal and wedding style, so think about what type of bridal hair comb would tick these boxes. Floral, opal, pearl, crystal or bead adorned? If steering on the subtle side, look to smaller designs, or, to turn-heads, go for large, unstructured styles or wedding comb sets that can be built up for a more impactful look. Finally, for those with fine hair, seek out delicate, lightweight designs and secure with bobby pins across the teeth of the comb for extra grip.