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Delicate Bridal Hair Vines

Nothing says romance like a pretty bridal hair vine. As a Bobby Pin bestseller, they’re favoured amongst our brides for their dreamy looks and fabulous versatility. So, if you’ve not yet decided on your bridal hairstyle, fear not, as these pieces work effortlessly with different hair types and styles.

Our range of hair vines

From soft, trailing floral beauties to pearl and crystal-embellished creations, there’s a stunning hair vine to suit every Bobby Pin bride. Our pretty designs include ivory, blush, blue and metallic colourways with botanical and beaded detailing. Luscious and lightweight, these pieces are placed on combs or ribbons and can be fully secured in place using grips to ensure they stay put all day (and night!) long.

Why choose a hair vine vs a comb or clip?

A bridal hair vine is a perfect choice for brides wanting to make more of a statement with their accessories. Larger than a comb or clip, a hair vine can be seen from multiple angles as it’s positioned across the side and front or back of the head. Given its impact, a bridal hair vine can also make a beautiful and modern alternative to a veil.