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Bridesmaid Hair Pins And Accessories

Stylish hair pins are one of the most popular choices of bridesmaid hair accessories, thanks to their versatile nature and more affordable price tag. Small but mighty, these little accessory beauties work with all hairdos and will elevate your bridesmaids’ overall look in an instant!

Our range of hair pins for bridesmaids

Brides adore our bridesmaid hair pins because they feature up-to-the-minute trend influences in the form of modern floral, pearl and crystal designs. In addition, there are beautiful metallic, coloured and muted toned options to swoon over, including ivory, blush and gold hair pins.

How to wear your hair pins

There are numerous ways to place and position bridesmaid hair pins, depending on how the hair is styled. Try scattering small pearl or crystal hair pins throughout wavy tresses or undone updos for a relaxed, understated vibe. If wanting a more considered look, dainty flower hair pins could be neatly placed to accent a polished chignon. Or, if going bold, use larger, unstructured hair pin designs to build up a more striking bridesmaid hair piece at the back or side of the head.