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Elegant Bridal Hair Pins

Small but striking, bridal hair pins can instantly elevate your big day look. Available in varying sizes, metals and styles, these dainty designs are a go-to for brides wanting to add something extra to their bridal attire without distracting from the dress. 

Our range of bridal hair pins

Brides love our hair pins for weddings because they tick boxes for both style and choice. From sweet pearl and petal adorned designs to shimmering crystal sets and ethereal flower hair pins, there’s a swoon-worthy option to suit and tempt all.

How to use our hair pins

Versatility is a key characteristic of pretty bridal hair pins in that you can incorporate them into a multitude of bridal hairstyles. If your vibe is understated glamour, choose a dainty set of hair pins that can be placed neatly adjacent to one another. Select a small hair pin design - ideally with some sparkle - and scatter throughout your tresses for a more striking style. Or alternatively, cluster larger hair pin sets together to create the appearance of a statement bridal headpiece.