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Top Wedding Hair Trends For 2023

Top Wedding Hair Trends For 2023

Here at The Bobby Pin, we’re often asked by brides-to-be what the latest bridal hairstyle trends are. And so, in this super helpful blog post, we’re revealing the top wedding hair trends for 2023, along with the best types of bridal accessories to suit such styles.

When it comes to choosing your wedding hairstyle, there are going to be several elements to take into account. From the type of wedding celebration you’re planning - contemporary, classic, glamorous, pared-back etc. - to your personal style and the hairdos you feel suit you.

Then, of course, there’s the style of your wedding day attire and the season or climate to consider. For example, if you’re planning a destination wedding in a hot country, wearing your hair up might be wise to avoid getting flustered by flyaways. At the same time, winter UK brides might appreciate some shoulder coverage from their locks during the cooler months of the year.

Wedding Hair Trial

These are all great points to touch on when having your wedding hair trial, as your trusted hairstylist can help you whittle down the options to align with your bridal vision and what will work best with your specific hair type.

If you’re wondering when to have your wedding hair trial, we’d suggest around three months before the big day. That way, if you’ve not picked your bridal hair accessories, you’ll still have time to shop for the perfect finishing touches with the added expert guidance from your stylist.

On the other hand, if you’ve already purchased your wedding hair accessories, your stylist can experiment with these during your hair trial appointment to decide how best to position the pieces and within what type of hairstyle. 

Bridal Hair Trends 2023

So, to help get the wedding hair inspo flowing, we’re sharing some of the most popular bridal hairstyles for 2023, along with details of the most fitting hair accessories and our top Bobby Pin design picks too!

Loose Hollywood Waves


A classic wedding hairstyle that’s showing no signs of fading anytime soon, loose Hollywood waves are ideal for those in search of a chic, timeless bridal hairdo. Particularly popular with long-haired brides but an equally stunning option for those with shoulder-length locks, this glamorous down-do adds elegance in an instant. Accessories-wise, we love to see cascading waves swept back behind one ear with a beautiful bridal hair comb. Alternatively, for a bolder, more detailed accessory look, trailing hairvines are a striking choice, whether worn at the front, side or back of the head, or a bridal headband provides a super wearable and modern finishing touch for contemporary brides. 

Top BP Pick: Oralee Floral Comb, Piper Pearl Headband

Bridal Ponytail


Whether styled high or low, sleek and straight or tousled and wavy, we LOVE a bridal ponytail. And clearly, we’re not the only ones, as this is tipped to be one of the hottest bridal hairstyles for 2023. Bridal hairpins and combs work particularly well with such styles as they can be safely secured at the back of the head, giving a gorgeous halo effect just above the ponytail. Depending on the level of impact desired, brides could choose a set of dainty pins, larger, glitzy hair combs or even ‘twinning’ combs and pins in more detailed designs. In addition, with hair pulled back away from the face, a pair of on-trend statement bridal earrings offer a further accessory option for modern brides that can easily be worn again beyond the big day.

Top BP Picks: Ronnie Bridal Hair Combs Set, Darby Bridal Earrings

Undone Braids


Brides that crave more intricate wedding hairstyles will likely fall head over heels for highly romantic and beautifully undone bridal braids. Another top wedding hairstyle trend for 2023, pretty tousled braids, can take several forms. Perhaps just one loose, long trailing plait or a series of dreamy braids feeding into one main plait. We love accessorising with symmetric wedding hair combs for simple low, swept-back braids, sitting just above the nape of the neck and placed on either side of the head. In our latest Bobby Pin collections, we have a number of these ‘angelic’ styles, which give the appearance of heavenly angel wings when secured in the hair. Alternatively, for a more relaxed look, go for dainty hairpins dotted all through the braid, or, for a bold bridal statement, opt for a bejewelled bridal headband worn in the front of the hair.

Top BP Picks: Kyra Floral Hair Comb, Etta Bridal Headband



Providing the best of both worlds, a half-up-half-down bridal hairstyle never goes out of style. For 2023, expect to see a lot of loosely curled half-and-half hairdos, giving gorgeous ethereal feels with effortless twisted and knotted tresses. To up the romance, we suggest accessorising with beautiful botanical pieces that can be dotted, weaved or trailed through the hair. So think delicate hairpins or combs nestled into beautiful twisted sections of strands or a wedding hair vine to elegantly frame the crown of the head from behind. Meanwhile, if looking to add detail at the front of the head, a dainty wedding headband is a great choice for contemporary brides, whether detailed with florals, sparkle or pearls.

Top BP Picks: Ginnie Bridal Hair Vine, Wynter Floral Hair Comb & Pins Set

Bridal Up-Do


Bridal updos are ideal for those wanting to keep flyaway strands firmly in place and swept back away from the face. For 2023 on-trend updos vary from classic polished chignons and cool bridal buns to undone bohemian styles. When it comes to accessories, wedding barrettes or combs are perfect for accenting an updo, whether placed on the side or crown of the head. Again, we love to see pairs of combs worn symmetrically like angel wings on either side of the head. Equally, wired hairvines can be manipulated to sit around updos, or pretty pins can be peppered throughout for a more laid-back look. Pins also work particularly well with naturally curly tresses as they can be placed to sit on top of bouncy locks and arranged together to give the appearance of a larger, striking headpiece. Another accessory option for adding interest to updos is a pair of gorgeous drop or chandelier bridal earrings.

Top BP Picks: Clara Double Bridal Hair Combs Set, Ozana Pearl & Floral Earrings

Wedding Hair & Accessories Ideas

Hopefully, the above wedding hair trend forecast will have sparked some dazzling ideas for your big day accessories to complete your dream bridal vision. Plus, you can always find up-to-the-minute inspiration on our Instagram feed, where we share gorgeous images and videos of our latest BP designs and how to style them!


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