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Modern Bridal Hair Clips

Beautifully embellished bridal hair clips are a perfect way to add detail and sparkle to your wedding hairdo. Use them to sweep straight or wavy locks to one side for a relaxed glam look, or position in sleek updos for a more regal feel. 

Our range of clips for all brides

Whatever your big day style, our collection of luxe bridal hair clips is sure to delight. If marrying outdoors, particularly in a garden or woodland setting, our blossom and botanic motif designs adorned with enamel leaves and flowers will provide loved-up rustic feels. Meanwhile, if searching for subtle finishing touches to complement embellishments on your wedding dress, our dainty pearl, bead, and crystal designs will fit the bill perfectly.

Hair clip or hair comb? What's the best choice for your hair type?

Bride hair clip designs are placed on crocodile style clips that offer extra staying-put-power. As such, bridal hair clips are usually favoured above combs by those with fine hair. Bridal clip designs also tend to be smaller than wedding combs, making them a wise choice for brides with short hair who crave detailed accessories that won’t overpower their locks.